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Thread: why text file store in unix operating system can't be read

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    Dec 2005

    Question why text file store in unix operating system can't be read

    I have promblem .Currently i using both jsp and io class in to store value in a text file and mysql database .The promblem is that I can view in window platform the content of the text file ,but not in UNIX platform . Below are the syntax
    //String save2 = request.getParameter("flag");
    String fileName = request.getParameter("fileName"); //get file name from download_process.jsp
    String usr = request.getParameter("usr");
    String passwd = request.getParameter("passwd");
    System.out.println("f " +fileName);

    String s[] = fileName.split(":");
    String file1 = s[0];
    String file2 = s[1];
    System.out.println("fiel " +file2);
    response.setHeader("Content-Disposition","attachment;filename=" + file2);

    int Read1;
    FileInputStream stream1 = null;
    try {
    File f = new File("c:/mysql/data/mrs/download/" +file2);
    System.out.println("ff " +f);
    stream1 = new FileInputStream(f);

    System.out.println("stea " +stream1);
    while ((Read1 = != -1){
    }//end while
    }//end try
    finally {
    if (stream1 == null){
    }//end if
    }//end finally
    %><%@ page import="*,javax.servlet.*,java.util.*, java.util.Date, java.util.Calendar, java.text.SimpleDateFormat "%>
    the file is currently stored in window operating system and upload into unix operating system . And display line is to long and all the values are replaced with @ . Don't understand why.Please help me

    thank you for your kind attendtion .thank you
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    istanbul / Turkey
    this is not a unix absolute pathname.
    they dont use harddisk names like "C:" .

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