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Thread: getting swing application in program files

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    Dec 2005

    Question getting swing application in program files

    hello friends, plz. help me regarding this. i want to get my swing application to be showed in program files of windows through "Start" button. need help as soon as possible.
    waiting for ur response.
    have a grt time.

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    Dec 2005

    U've got to make a single executable JAR file out of your application. Depending on the number of classes and the packages that u've made you'll have to type in a proper jar command. Some IDEs such as NetBeans automatically build an executable JAR file for you.

    Once u've got the JAR file just add the shortcut to wherever in the start menu you feel

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    Dec 2005
    JBuilderX also make the jar file+ the executable file of the project.

    moreover, you can use an installation tool (advance installer ... search for it in google) to make the setup of your application, which will work just like the way you install other applications. you have to edit some options in it and you'll have your application inserted in the start menu.

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