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Thread: Added a constant field

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    Oct 2005

    Added a constant field

    hi everyone, i finally got the code below to work with my text file and database but i was wandering if there is a way to add a constant value to an extra constant field to all entries made by this import, like right now all text files added have three fields and the code places them in the right place but i would like to add another field to the import , like field4 = "1" how would i do this

    many thanks

    code is listed below


    Public Function ImportTextFile(cn As Object, _
    ByVal tblName As String, FileFullPath As String, _
    Optional FieldDelimiter As String = ",", _
    Optional RecordDelimiter As String = vbCrLf) As Boolean

    Dim cmd As New adodb.Command
    Dim rs As New adodb.Recordset
    Dim sFileContents As String
    Dim iFileNum As Integer
    Dim sTableSplit() As String
    Dim sRecordSplit() As String
    Dim lCtr As Integer
    Dim iCtr As Integer
    Dim iFieldCtr As Integer
    Dim lRecordCount As Long
    Dim iFieldsToImport As Integer

    'These variables prevent having to requery a recordset for each record
    Dim asFieldNames() As String
    Dim abFieldIsString() As Boolean
    Dim iFieldCount As Integer
    Dim sSQL As String
    Dim bQuote As Boolean

    'On Error GoTo errHandler
    If Not TypeOf cn Is adodb.Connection Then Exit Function
    If Dir(FileFullPath) = "" Then Exit Function

    If cn.State = 0 Then cn.Open
    Set cmd.ActiveConnection = cn
    cmd.CommandText = tblName
    cmd.CommandType = adCmdTable
    Set rs = cmd.Execute
    iFieldCount = rs.Fields.Count

    ReDim asFieldNames(iFieldCount - 1) As String
    ReDim abFieldIsString(iFieldCount - 1) As Boolean

    For iCtr = 0 To iFieldCount - 1
    asFieldNames(iCtr) = "[" & rs.Fields(iCtr).Name & "]"
    abFieldIsString(iCtr) = FieldIsString(rs.Fields(iCtr))

    iFileNum = FreeFile
    Open FileFullPath For Input As #iFileNum
    sFileContents = Input(LOF(iFileNum), #iFileNum)
    Close #iFileNum
    'split file contents into rows
    sTableSplit = Split(sFileContents, RecordDelimiter)
    lRecordCount = UBound(sTableSplit)
    'make it "all or nothing: whole text
    'file or none of it

    For lCtr = 0 To lRecordCount - 1
    'split record into field values

    sRecordSplit = Split(sTableSplit(lCtr), FieldDelimiter)
    iFieldsToImport = IIf(UBound(sRecordSplit) + 1 < _
    iFieldCount, UBound(sRecordSplit) + 1, iFieldCount)

    'construct sql
    sSQL = "INSERT INTO " & tblName & " ) "

    For iCtr = 0 To iFieldsToImport - 1
    bQuote = abFieldIsString(iCtr)
    sSQL = sSQL & asFieldNames(iCtr)
    If iCtr < iFieldsToImport - 1 Then sSQL = sSQL & ","
    Next iCtr

    sSQL = sSQL & ") VALUES ("

    For iCtr = 0 To iFieldsToImport - 1
    If abFieldIsString(iCtr) Then
    sSQL = sSQL & prepStringForSQL(sRecordSplit(iCtr))
    sSQL = sSQL & sRecordSplit(iCtr)
    End If

    If iCtr < iFieldsToImport - 1 Then sSQL = sSQL & ","
    Next iCtr

    sSQL = sSQL & ")"
    cn.Execute sSQL

    Next lCtr

    Close #iFileNum
    Set rs = Nothing
    Set cmd = Nothing

    ImportTextFile = True
    Exit Function

    On Error Resume Next
    If cn.State <> 0 Then cn.RollbackTrans
    If iFileNum > 0 Then Close #iFileNum
    If rs.State <> 0 Then rs.Close
    Set rs = Nothing
    Set cmd = Nothing

    End Function

    Private Function FieldIsString(FieldObject As adodb.Field) _
    As Boolean

    Select Case FieldObject.Type
    Case adBSTR, adChar, adVarChar, adWChar, adVarWChar, _
    adLongVarChar, adLongVarWChar
    FieldIsString = True
    Case Else
    FieldIsString = False
    End Select

    End Function

    Private Function prepStringForSQL(ByVal sValue As String) _
    As String

    Dim sAns As String
    sAns = replace(sValue, Chr(39), "''")
    sAns = "'" & sAns & "'"
    prepStringForSQL = sAns

    End Function

    Private Sub Command3_Click()
    Dim cn As New adodb.Connection
    cn.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\pcc\data\db1.mdb"
    ImportTextFile cn, "table1", "C:\pcc\output\kodak.txt"

    End Sub


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    Oct 2005

    explanation further

    all i need to do is to add a field and value which will be constant during the import procedure ..

    many thanks

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