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Thread: Saving Break Points

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    Saving Break Points

    How do I save my break points in VIsual Basic? I am experiencing the frusturation of setting the break points and then, if the program crashes and VB shuts down, the break points are lost.

    I tried to set them and then save all and shut down the IDE and then come back. Yet, the break points vanish and I have to rest them all again.

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    VB6 cannot save breakpoints between sessions.
    Phil Weber

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    You can "simulate" a fixed breakpoint using the Assert method of the Debug object

    Declare a boolean (like StopOnAssert), ans set it to True or False (depending if you want to stop or not), then add the line

    debug.Assert StopOnAssert

    where you want the breakpoint to be.

    PS the Debug object works only in the IDE, it is not compiled in the final exe

    "There are two ways to write error-free programs. Only the third one works."

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