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Thread: Generating HTML at a placeholder

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    Generating HTML at a placeholder

    I was going to use a placeholder to dynamically place controls on to my page, but then I ran into the problem where I don't know how to get the static HTML in with the controls I'm adding to the placeholder. For example the controls I add dynamically are nested within a table and I need to dynamically write out the TD and TR tags along with the controls, so that they display correctly on the page.

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    Dear Billkamm,

    Use TableCell and TableRow server controls for TD and TR Respectively.

    Gurdarshan Singh
    L.S.E. (Project Lead)
    InterGlobe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    Mobile #: 9891397798 (India)

    Always Think Positive whatever may be the Situation.

    Please rate my suggestion/response if you find it suitable or fulfill your requirement.

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