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Thread: Jsp

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    Jan 2006

    What is JSP?

    Hi, I've wondered about a few things:

    1. What is difference between JSP and PHP, and what is more effective at what kinds of tasks?

    2. What are their backgrounds, and why is one (and how much) more popular than they other?

    any other information would be great.

    Best regards, Ben.
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    Dec 2005
    JSP is based on JAVA.which needs JRE

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    Jan 2006
    Here's one site that purports to have some answers on that: JSP vs mod_php vs mod_perl

    I don't know who those folks are, but they "sound like they know what they're talking about'. heh

    I don't claim to know, but I get the distinct impression JSP is far more robust, but has the trade-off of requiring more storage space for the runtime environment.

    I've coded in both PHP and JSP, and I strongly prefer JSP.

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