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Thread: buttons with templates and formview???

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    Oct 2005

    buttons with templates and formview???

    I wish to have the ability to hide certain buttons such as EDIT, DELETE, or ADD based upon the end users permissions.
    I have a table that is read that will determine the end users rights when they enter the form ... but then I need to hide the buttons
    that they don't have the right to use.

    I see that there may be two ways to do this.
    (1) write code to disable the buttons that are default in the templates
    . each time I reenter a template all the buttons reappear if I have disabled them first
    (2) delete the default buttons in the templates and insert buttons outside the formview
    . I can disable the buttons easily here but I can't get the buttons to do the commands which will affect the templates.

    any thoughts or suggestions?????



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    Jan 2006
    Hi Dave,

    I believe you have a few options:

    1. Keep the buttons in the templates (such as EditItemTemplate), and access them through code via the FindControl method of the FormView:

    if (FormView1.CurrentMode = FormViewMode.Edit) // make sure the update template is loaded
        Control foundControl = FormView1.FindControl("UpdateButton");
        if (foundControl != null && !User.IsInRole("My Role"))
            foundControl.Visible = false;
    2. Leave the buttons outside as you mentioned, but instead of using CommandName do form operations in the button click methods:

    protected void MyUpdateButton_OnClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
        FormView1.UpdateItem(false); // false = no validation
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (!User.IsInRole("My Role"))
            MyUpdateButton.Visible = false;
    3. If possible, simply don't show edit or insert templates, but instead show only the read-only template if they do not have permissions, and do not include any buttons on the read-only template which would allow the user to go into edit or insert mode:

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (User.IsInRole("My Editor Role"))
        else if (User.IsInRole("My Creator Role"))
        // Default FormView mode is read-only
    Of course you could always use a combination of these 3, and at a last resort you can always override the FormView's ItemUpdating or ItemDeleting methods for any last-minute checking, but obviously preventing the actions from occuring in the first place would be the best option.

    Hope this helps,

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    Jan 2006

    Disable the edit, add, and delete button.

    Hi, Roger,

    Your #1 solution to disable the edit, add, and delete buttons on a formview don't work if the formview has paging enabled. The buttons will appeal when you click on one of paging buttons. Do you have any idea to fix this problem



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