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Thread: what language or course to study for web development

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    Jan 2006
    Thanks again Lori. I do have Windows XP Professional. I upgraded to that a while ago so that I could use Virtual PC.
    Ok then. So will download the .net 2 and hold on to my chair... LOL

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    Jan 2006
    I've installed everything that I could find including SQL Server Mgt. Studio Express.
    I guess I need to know how to create a server. When I try to do the walkthrough in the book to create a web application using visual basic, still when I run the DataAdapter Configuration Wizard, at the point where you are suppose to choose your data connection and click new connection, nothing is in the scroll down menu and I get an error message "Error enumerating Data Services". It tell you to choose a server or type in the name of your server. I don't know what my server is or how to create a server. I downloaded the sample database so that I can use the pubs file.
    How do I create a SQL server?

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