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Thread: Survey - Agile Engineering versus Project Management

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    Post Please Help - Survey - Agile Engineering versus Project Management

    Dear All,

    I am conducting a survey to support my dissertation paper which considers the application of formal 'rigid' project management methods over software engineering initiatives. The dissertation is considering the challenges faced in the application of traditional formal project management methods when charged with the oversight of 'agile' software development methods.

    I am particular interested in obtaining responses from software engineering professionals that have experience employing 'agile' engineering methods in particular, please find below a link to the survey, which should not take any more than 10 minutes to complete.

    Many thanks in anticipation for your participation.
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    Survey Results

    I was surprised by the quality of the questions in the survey. Really good work. I'd love to see the results when you finish. Please contact me if you're willing to share the results Get my email from my about page

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    Interesting questions

    Many thanks for the feedback, and of course your participation in the survey.

    I am would be more than happy to share the results and will publish them as requested to the address provided.

    Unfortunately perhaps the subject matter is rather specialist, and subsequently I am not getting a volume of response I was hoping to get. If you know of any others that you think would be interested then please feel free to forward the link.

    I also have another survey running, canvassing views from project managers, posted on a number of forums, so the two results set combined should make interesting reading. I will pass these on also.

    I am finalising my dissertation paper no, the target delivery date is the 28th Feb. So as soon as it is in I will release the survey results.


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