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Here are some links to some of the content we've published on DevX related to AJAX:

AJAX: A Fresh Look at Web Development
AJAX enables a dynamic, asynchronous Web experience without the need for page refreshes. Find out how this combination of technologies that you already know and love can reinvent your Web development.

Solve the Page Waiting Game with Threaded AJAX
ASP.NET offers a few solutions for handling long-running processes. One of the best methods is to combine threading with either a polling solution or AJAX.

Generalized AJAX Response Handling for XML Content
Making multiple simultaneous asynchronous requests in AJAX applications using the XmlHttpRequest object can be difficult, but this generalized XML response-handling code will help.

Using the XMLHttpRequest Object and AJAX to Spy On You
While the XMLHttpRequest object and AJAX can provide huge user and developer benefits, there are some issues you probably haven't thought about yet—but it's time everyone did.
(There's a good thread in the Talk to the Editors forum about this opinion piece.)

Write AJAX-style Applications Using the ASP.NET 2.0 Client Callback Manager
With applications like Google Maps for inspiration, it seems everybody's been talking about what you can do with AJAX. But many don't know that writing AJAX-style applications that can do partial screen refreshes without a trip to the server are easy to write in ASP.NET using the built-in Client Callback Manager.

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