Hey guys,

I 'm writing some unicode text in a comma delimited text file in my code.the textfile is supposed to be opened in MS Excel under the default origin of ARABIC(windows).
the point is the arabic alphabet and everything is so well written in the text file but it's cannot be read when the file is opened in Exel!!!when i try to open the file its origin is detected as Windows(ANSI) instead of 1256:Arabic(Windows)!!!!

here is the code i'm using to creat and fill the textfile:
fileWriter=File.CreateText( @"C:\txtfile.txt);
fileWriter.WriteLine("5656565كد تراكنش "+","+"شعبه عامل"+","+"شرح/شماره سن4558د"+","+"مانده حساب"+","+"مبلغ تراكنش"+","+"بد/بس"+","+"ساعت , تاريخ, شماره حساب , شماره مشتري, كد شعبه ");

fileWriter.WriteLine("كد تراكنش, شعبه عامل , شرح/شماره سند, مانده حساب, مبلغ تراكنش,بد/بس, تاريخ, شماره حساب, شماره مشتري, كد شعبه ");

Now the question is how can I set the file origin to 1256:arabic(windows) when creating the file???? There should be something i'm missing i'm sure!

Thank you very much in advance.