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Thread: Free PDF creator/modifier?

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    Feb 2006

    Free PDF creator/modifier?


    This is sort of in relation to my last post about making a scrolling form. I was also considering just outputting the data to a PDF.

    I downloaded a few trials of PDF writer/editing libraries, but can't get any of them to perform as needed.

    What I'm looking for is something that will:

    1) Most preferrably, fill in the form fields of a PDF form with data from the program

    2) also possible, but not as easy, create the entire PDF from scratch, but including form fields of a fixed size, which the data will be put into.

    It should be FREE. I am doing this entire program on spec and can't pay $500 for something which might not be purchased.

    Lastly, will a browser window within an MDI display a PDF? With the Acrobat plugin?

    Jason Antman

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    Jan 2004
    Alexandria, VA
    I don't know of any free libraries for PDF conversion. I tried some myself, and our company ended up "rolling our own".

    As to the last question, I can definitively say yes, if you use the internet control in a child form in an MDI application, it WILL display the PDF file, so long as the plugin is installed (same as if it was loaded directly in the browser). I have written an app that does just that.
    Bob Rouse
    Dimension Data

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    You can pretty much forget about getting a PDF creator/modifier for free. Everyone wants one, and dozens of folks a month are looking for them.

    Yet none have ever surfaced. Your either going to need to pay for it, or make your own. The payment method is probably cheaper. has a SDK (you pay for it). The pay is based on what you need it to do. They might be a good place to talk to.

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