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Thread: changing file path and opening exel/word/image file

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    Feb 2006

    changing file path and opening exel/word/image file

    hi....I have decided not to store my files in the database as performance may be slower in the future when there are more therefore Im gona save the path of the file instead in the database and save the path in a common network drive...can anyone tell me how do i change the path saved when the dialog box pops up and the user selects what files they want to choose to save? Now I only knw how to save the pathname as it was retrieved from the do I change the pathname to save in another network drive? Right now in order to change the pathname I have a save dialog which follows the first open dialog but thats not what I want as i want to save it all to a common drive..

    here are codes i used to attach the file

    Private Sub cmdAttachment_Click()
    Dim mystring As String
    Dim myst As String

    On Error GoTo DialogError
    With CommonDialog1
    .CancelError = True
    .Filter = "Text Files (*.txt)|*.txt"
    .FilterIndex = 1
    .DialogTitle = "Select a file to attach"

    MsgBox "You have selected " & .FileName

    'With CommonDialog1
    .CancelError = True
    .Filter = "Text Files (*.txt)|*.txt"
    .FilterIndex = 1
    .DialogTitle = "Select a place to store the file"
    mystring = Trim$(CommonDialog1.FileName)
    MsgBox mystring
    txtAttach.Text = mystring
    m_recRMA!Attachment = mystring

    End With
    End Sub

    And this is the code to open the file attached...

    Dim sExtension As String
    Dim iReturnValue As Variant

    sExtension = UCase(Right$(txtAttach.Text, 3))

    If Dir$(txtAttach.Text) = "" Then
    MsgBox "Sorry cannot find file" & vbCrLf _
    & "It may b hidden.", vbExclamation
    Exit Sub

    ElseIf sExtension = "TXT" Then
    iReturnValue = Shell("notepad " & txtAttach.Text, 1)

    End If

    End Sub

    If it were a image file or other files like doc/excell how do i open it? The above only works for text do i attach the other file types???? helpppppppp
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    with the Commondialog1.filetitle you get the name of the file, so changing the path isn't hard ex.:

    strpath = "c:\tmp\" & Commondialog1.filetitle

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