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Thread: How to know when images are finished loading

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    Exclamation How to know when images are finished loading


    I would like to know exactly when an image is totally loaded. I need this because I have to test the image width with javascript. I tried image.onLoad but it's fired when the tag is loaded, not the entire image.

    So for result, if the image is, let's say, 5 of width, it returns 28 with IE and 23 with FF. But if I put a delay, the image width is correct. So, I understand that the onload event is not working as I'd expect.

    So, for now, what I do is that I set a timeout of 500 milliseconds and then call my function. It's working, but not very good I think...

    Here's my code:

    var ctrlImg = document.getElementById('ctrlImg');
    ctrlImg.src = "/getNb.aspx";

    Is there a way to know for sure when an image is loaded?



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    Yes -- code an event handler for the "onreadystatechange" event. No need for timeouts.

    For details, check this search result:

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