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Thread: Calendar User control

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    Nov 2004

    Question Calendar User control

    I am creating a user control for calendar display of day, week, month and year like yahoo calendar. So each are separate User control and when i click the date in the Week display, it will go for the Day. So i have to set the date for the Day user control. How can i do that. Like same for month and Year.
    Hariharan B

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    Nov 2004


    How can i raise the event thru dynamically created coding

    Also how can i create a dynamic LINKBUTTON control and invoke some function to raise the event at the time of clicking the Link Button

    I am waiting for your valuable answer
    Hariharan B

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    Nov 2004


    How can i dynamically add the event handler for the link button clicking event

    This is my source code,But this is not working

    Private sub ShowWeek()
    dim lnkButton as New LinkButton
    lnkButton.Text="Date" (For e.g)
    AddHadler lnkbutton.Click, Addressof DateChaged
    End Sub

    This ShowWeek() function is called in the HTML tag like <%=ShowWeek()%>. And i am having Place holder which holds the dynamically created link buttons.

    Sub DateChanged(sender as object, e as system.eventArgs)
    Response.write("Test control")
    End sub

    The event datechanged is not calling when i am clicking the link button
    Hariharan B

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