How do I access the menus (CommandBars, ActiveMenuBar, etc.) when my excel workbook opens in a browser window?

My givens are:

- I have an Excel spreadsheet with a good bit of VB code running in the background.
- I need the users to be able to access the spreadsheet from a webpage and be able to run one of the excel macros.
- I have no control over the web environment the file is hosted in.
- When a user clicks on the hyperlink to my Excel spreadsheet, the sheet opens in an IE browser window.
- The normal Excel menu bar and command bars are not visible
- some of the Excel menus are listed on the browser menu bar but are not usable.

I have code in my spreadsheet which adds a menu item to the File menu and a button to the Standard command bar to run my Excel macro. While these work fine when I open the spreadsheet on the desktop, they do not effect the browser's menu bar or command bar when opened from a hyperlink. I have experimented with having Excel open when I click the hyperlink and the modifications DO happen to excel, but not to the IE browser window where the workbook actually opens.

Any ideas how to address the Browser's menu bars rather than Excel's from my code within the Excel workbook?