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Thread: Hour glass on word import - using interop

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    Mar 2006

    Hour glass on word import - using interop

    I have a windows form that is performing a word import. The import is performed in a class called wordimport task( that which is invoked by the form).

    Now I tried setting the cursor of the word object(_wordApp = new Word.ApplicationClass() by the following step _wordApp.System.Cursor = Word.WdCursorType.wdCursorWait, but the hour glass does not appear.

    Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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    Feb 2006
    Should the hour glass appear on your form or in the word form?

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    Mar 2006
    the hour glass should appear on the form, there is no word form. The interop api's when accessed from the base form kills the hour glass of the base form, therefore I am trying to set the hour glass of the word interop.


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