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Thread: Search System Tray

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    Search System Tray


    what I am trying to do is a systray search and get back the hwnd & the tooltip (by tooltip I mean the thing that popups when u move ur mouse over a trayicon.) When the tooltip has a certain value I want the program to automatically shut it down. By browsing this forum I already found the Shutdown Code. I just can't seem to figure out how to get the systrays icons handles & tooltips.

    I'm currently running a code I've written that bassically does the same thing, but the windows aren't minimized to the systray (using the findwindow api). But as you might understand, all those windows on my desktop is a huge mess!

    So bassically what I'm looking for is a code to return a list of the tooltip & hwnd's of all the icons in the systray.

    I found a C++ code that is able to do this but since I feel more at home using I'd really like to find an answer to this problem! (Link)

    Thanks in advance!
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    I found a vb link but i'm having trouble converting it to, any help please?
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