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Thread: Parent, child forms question

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    Aug 2005

    Parent, child forms question

    The Situation:

    I have a parent window and on clicking a button a child window opens in it. (MDI situaiton.) now when I click on another button of parent some new chjild window open on top of the previous child. But the previous cvhild is still there.

    I want to close that before openeing the new child. and also no matte how many itmes I click on the child button, only one child form of that specific type shopuld be open. which is not the case presently. At the present moment when I click on the child button some times, after every button click, a new child openes. I dont want this.

    help? ? ?

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    Dec 2003
    before open a new form close the previous form using
    For Each frm In Me.MdiChildren

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    Aug 2005
    ok, I try.

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