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Thread: Weird Strings received from RS232 Serial Port

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    Weird Strings received from RS232 Serial Port

    I have downloaded and used the RS232 tester from this page and it is greatly useful to me. However, I have the following problem in hand.

    I used the software to receive data from a RFID reader (you may simply treat it like a barcode scanner) through RS232 communication. The software does receive strings from the reader every time an event is triggered (i.e. a tag is read by the reader). I'm sure the Expecting reading data should look similar to this:

    {Rd,d:02123579ABCDEF000098EB18, .........

    However, the Actual reading data is rather not understandable. The following is an example:


    I have no idea what cause this happen since I didn't write the RS232 class provided in the software. However, I have a feeling that it can be a simple encoding/decoding problem? Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced


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    Aug 2005
    I found why! It is because of the RS232 protocol mis-matched to the reader. In brief, a wrong value had set to the baud rate!

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