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Thread: QUERY: JavaScript vs. ASP.NET Web/Server Controls

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    QUERY: JavaScript vs. ASP.NET Web/Server Controls

    Is it possible for JavaScript to access the DOM of ASP.NET Web/Server

    For example, I have a legacy HTML forms, controls, etc. If I convert all
    my HTML into Web Controls (by adding runat="server & id="") then will
    this affect my JavaScript code that accesses/modifies the DOM of the page
    (DOM tables, childs, elements, traversing, etc.) If so, what is the best
    way to make them compatible again?

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    ASP.NET server controls render standard HTML. You can use client-side JavaScript with them just as you would with standard HTML controls. The only difference is that ASP.NET generates unique names for the HTML controls, so you may have to change your JavaScript to look for the new control names.

    It's actually best to convert standard HTML controls to ASP.NET server controls only if you need to access them from code-behind. Your existing <table> elements, etc. will continue to work with ASP.NET; you only need to add runat="server" if you need to manipulate them from server-side ASP.NET code.
    Phil Weber

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