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Thread: Create multiple data in data report

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    Apr 2006

    Create multiple data in data report

    hii guyyy

    can you tell me what the programming source code that can make a datareport that did not have a connection data source with data environment???

    >>i have a adodc recordset that have connection with work...
    >>then i create a data report without have a connection with any data environment....

    thenn....with this two tools thati have... how can i make a data report that user can choose what they want to print....

    i know how to change the label in the data report...but don't know how to make the datareport will skip the first data n go to the next data...means we can have a multiple data on the data report....(only data that selected)

    can anybody help me and guide me??????

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    Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
    Open your profile so I can send you a email... Sometimes I have the time to help others or I can send you some examples

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