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Thread: data environment command

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    Apr 2006

    Unhappy data environment command

    hii guy

    SELECT * FROM administrator

    im use this command in the SQL Statement on the Command in the data environment as defaut before execute or run program...

    then in my source code or coding program....i change the command text just like below...

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    DataEnvironment1.Commands("Command1").CommandText = "SELECT * FROM administrator WHERE a_id='1'"
    End Sub

    Private Sub Command2_Click()
    DataEnvironment1.Commands("Command1").CommandText = "SELECT * FROM administrator WHERE a_id='2'"
    End Sub

    Private Sub Command3_Click()
    DataEnvironment1.Commands("Command1").CommandText = "SELECT * FROM administrator WHERE a_id='122'"
    End Sub

    i run the application for first time i click button Command1 it's work...then i click Command2 and Command3 it's not change at all in the report...

    i try to use this command..while in forum i ask the user totry this coding...

    DataEnvironment1.rsCommand1.Requery @ DataEnvironment1.rsCommand1.Resync

    and this error was occur....

    Run-time error '3704'
    Operation is not allowed when the object is closed

    then i'm tried used this command:


    then another error said that:::

    Operation is not allowed when the object is open


    What is the exactly happen???Can anybody tell me how to make my coding is execute succesfully refer to my coding up there...I hope u guy can help me to solve my problem????

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    Feb 2006
    Hi, I'm not so familiar with datareports but these errors are recordset errors I think.

    Operation is not allowed when the object is closed
    => This error occurs when you try to execute an sql-statement or another transaction with a recordset that's closed.


    dim rst as adodb.recordset
    set rst as new adodb.recordset "..."
    Operation is not allowed when the object is open
    This can happen when you try to open a recordset that's already open

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