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Thread: Guide me please regarding a decision??

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    Apr 2005

    Guide me please regarding a decision??


    I am an B.E(Computers) currenctly working in a software company.I m not much experienced.I have been offer a task related to PROJECT MANAGEMENT from the compnay where i am working onsite.The project is based on Java.But at present i asked them that would there be any development in that??But they told at present i will have to just manage the project .So can anybody please help me to take decision regarding this thing that is whether i should accept it or not....??

    Whats actually the work in project management??
    Would it be worth my efforts i would be putting if i accept this task??

    Please help me to take decision???


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    Nov 2003
    Project Management has little, if any, to do with development. You will have to deal with deadlines, progress report, code maintenance and perhaps debugging and QA. It's certainly not what you're looking for but the snag is that without prior experience in software development, you need to start somewhere, with something. So the real question is: how tight your current budget is? If you really need to get a salary soon, you can;t be too picky. If however you have some more time to dedicate to job searching, do go on. Don't feel that this is your only opportunity. If you're patient and diligent enough, you'll find a job that suits your interests better.
    BTW, whenever a job description sounds vague, as is your current job proposal, don't hesitate to ask for clarfications. If they have something to hide, it's probably not the kind of job you're looking for anyway.
    Good luck and please keep us posted on your job searching!
    Danny Kalev

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks Danny for ur advice.


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