I got a problem with my DataGrid buttons not responding anymore
I manage to put a DataGrid inside a DIV layer which is inside a Form.
I saved two files: one without the DIV layer, and one with it.
I noticed some strange things.

1. The 2nd file (with the DIV layer) ViewState value has been shorten:

input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" value="dDwtMTUwNzk3NzA5ODs7PuNEEXG0lqt7huI3eo5pkRMBPji1"

The 1st file (without the DIV layer) has a massive ViewState value
spanning several lines.

2. The 2nd file (with the DIV layer) each DataGrid button hasn't got
it's name attribute set anymore:

(BEFORE) input type="submit" name="DataGrid1:_ctl2:_ctl0" value="Edit" ID="Submit1"

(AFTER) input type="submit" name value="Edit" ID="Submit1"

Does DataGrids have to be attached directly to a Form Server Control for
it to work properly? Is it not possible attaching the DataGrid to a DIV
then to the Form? eg. Form > DIV > DataGrid ???

Can AJAX help solve this problem?

PS: ASP.NET floating layers http://www.ferant.com/