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Thread: labels and text boxes not binding to ado

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    Apr 2006

    labels and text boxes not binding to ado

    I recently switched computers and all of my previous programs do not allow labels, text boxes, etc to bind to an ado control. I can select the datasource but the datafield does supply a list of fields. The ado control is working correctly and I can even get to the fields in code. The labels and text boxes can be bound to a dao control and work correctly. Just bindable controls and an ado control. This is even effecting outside programs written in VB and compiled on another computer. Any suggestions? Its VB6 and Office 2003. Other computers are working fine.

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    I would start with this tool to ensure that ADO is correctly installed on the problem computer:;en-us;307255
    Phil Weber

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    Thank you for the checker. I will try it. I might just uninstall VB and reinstall it again. Reinstalling service pack 6 didn't correct.

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