Excuse my english, i speak spanish
In questions previously in this Forum, i've asked about determining Hardware installed in my PC with Visual Basic 6..
Countless help you have offered me and i wanna thanks..but I have not been able to do anything, because they are not the prospective results..
In the advice you told me working with WMI in ScriptomaticV2, and sometimes with APis and i did every thing but it don't reatrives all the HardWare information i Need..
For example when i work using WMI for determining Monitor characteristics it reatrieves the


MonitorManufacturer: (Tipos de monitor estándar)
MonitorType: Monitor Plug and Play
Name: Monitor Plug and Play
PixelsPerXLogicalInch: 96
PixelsPerYLogicalInch: 96
PNPDeviceID: DISPLAY\GSM3AF6\5&2A5DE36B&0&22446688&01&00
ScreenHeight: 600
ScreenWidth: 800
Status: OK
SystemCreationClassName: Win32_ComputerSystem
SystemName: SERVER

and this ways with the other components, really a very poor information

however When i use AIDA32 program the results are:

Propiedades del monitor
Nombre del monitor LG StudioWorks 552V
Identificación del monitor GSM3AF6
Modelo 52V
Fecha de fabricación Semana 43 / 2000
Número de serie 104316843009
Tamaño de visión máximo 28 cm x 21 cm (13.8")
Ratio de aspecto de la imagen 4:3
Frecuencia horizontal 30 - 54 KHz
Frecuencia vertical 50 - 120 Hz
Resolución máxima 1024 x 768
Gamma 2.60
Gestión del modo DPMS Standby, Suspend, Active-Off
Modos de video soportados
640 x 480 105 Hz
800 x 600 85 Hz
1024 x 768 65 Hz
Fabricante del monitor
Nombre de la empresa LG Electronics

I only want to ask before surrendering:

How AIDA32 obtain this information?

It doesn't exist another way to do that with vb6?

if it is this way, just tell me to giving up

Thanks and excuse the extense dialogue....