record 1 is created and saved to the table. for customer A
4 hours later customer A comes back and another record is created (record 2). before customer A leaves, they remember they did something else and needs record 2 updated.
now since customer A has beed here 2 times he has 2 records time stamped with the current date but different times. How can you update the record 2 with out updateing record 1?


Records are saved with customers A's id number and a timestamp that is created by a varible

the sql string to update the record

sql = "UPDATE Table1 SET Notes = ' " & txtnotes & " ' WHERE CustID = " & lblCustID & " AND SampleDate =  " & savedate & " "
ex. currentdate(0) is the date 1/1/1111 currentdate(1) is the time 12:00:00
savedate = lblCurrentDate(0).Caption & " " & lblCurrentDate(1).Caption
the savedate is saved to the table as follows --> 4/14/2006 10:25:07

At this point I get a datatype mismatch error if I drop the time and leave the date it updates the record but also updates any previous record for that day.