Hello Guys,
I have a web control that contains some comboboxes with several options in them.
I use this web control in 2 webpages.
One of them is the Main webpage and the other one is a webpage that is opened when selecting an item from one of the comboboxes.
This procedure work correctly, the problem appear when I want to come back to the main page from the second webpage.
When I'm in the second webpage, I can see the webcontrol and I can select other items from them, so I store the SelectedIndex value and I pass these values to the main webpage stored into session variables. I have to do this because many of the other options in the comboboxes just show information in datagrids on the MAIN webpage.
Passing the values selected from the second webpage to the main webpage allow me to obtain the information I want and it's working correctly.
My problem is that when I execute the response.redirect statement from the second webpage to the main webpage, the item I selected is not shown in the combobox even if the information on screen is correct.
How can I force the web control to maintain the Item I selected in webpage 2 in the combobox so I can show it in the MAIN webpage?

Thank you all