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Thread: New Book on VB7 and Patterns

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    J W Cooper Guest

    New Book on VB7 and Patterns

    The "final draft" of my book on Design Patterns and OO Programming in
    VB.NET and VB6 is now available for your reading. The 5 PDF files as
    well as the CDROm image can be downloaded at

    While the book is not strictly a VB.NET introduction, there are several
    chapters introducing VB.NET and contrasting it with VB6, and many of the
    patterns introduce advanced VB.NET features such as file handling,
    exceptions, ADO and Tree and Grid controls. Of course, there is a lot on
    inheritance and interfaces throughout.

    I welcome your comments and suggestions.

    Jim Cooper

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    Jason Kaczor Guest

    Re: New Book on VB7 and Patterns

    J W Cooper <> wrote:
    >The "final draft" of my book on Design Patterns and OO

    Jim, this book has been excellent so far. You may want to post this message
    on .NET mailing list.

    Thanks for publishing it on the net ! Hope you are going to print soon.

    Jason Kaczor

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