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Thread: JavaScript-Ajax Editor?

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    Apr 2006

    JavaScript-Ajax Editor?

    Does anybody know good JavaScript-Ajax Editor?
    I have found one: 1st JavaScript Editor .
    But maybe someone knows more?

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    Apr 2006

    AJAX database connectivity

    Hi all
    If you look through google there are other editors I have found. I have not made a note of them so dont have names with me. As if now I am loooking for AJAX sample code or explaination to use jdbc or any other java framework with it. Most of the examples on net are PHP based. I need AJAX sample code which uses oracle database connectivity along with JSP / J2EE middleware. Does anyone know about it.

    We are looking for displaying changing dynamic data directly coming from oracle database on the browser. This data is fast changing and we want to use AJAX sample code to see how it works.
    Can we get help from you guys or any suggestions on the same?

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