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Thread: How to Send SMS through ur Windows Application

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    How to Send SMS through ur Windows Application

    hi every body,
    here is a program to Send SMS from a windows Apllication
    the code is very easy to understand

    there is the code(enjoy):

    but I have a small problem:
    when I put the code in a module an error appeared saying:

    Additional information: It is invalid to start a second message loop on a single thread. Use Application.RunDialog or Form.ShowDialog instead.
    and when I put the same Code in a button,an other error appeared sayiny:

    Additional information: It is invalid to start a second message loop on a single thread. Use Application.RunDialog or Form.ShowDialog instead.
    also,when I tried to register the ASMS.dll file using regsvr32 command an error appeared saying:

    C:\WINDOWS\system32\ASmsCtrl.dll was loaded but the dllregister server entry piont was not found,the file cannot be registered
    SO what is the problem???

    the code that i used:

    ' You need the freeware ASMSCTRL.DLL to run the sample.
       ' Download it from
       ' and register it on your machine.
       ' Then, choose 'Add Reference' from your Solutions Window,
       ' and add the ActiveSocket Type Library.
       ' Read for more info.
       Imports ASMSCTRLLib
       Module Module1
       Sub Main()
       Dim objSmsTool As ASMSCTRLLib.SMSC
       Dim strReceived As String
       Dim nCounter As Integer
       Console.WriteLine("Be sure To have the freeware asmsctrl.dll registered on your system,")
       Console.WriteLine("and add the 'ActiveXperts SMS and Pager Toolkit' to your references.")
       Console.WriteLine("This sample connects through a SMSC service provider to send out the SMS message")
       Console.WriteLine("Please check out for a complete list of SMSC providers world wide")
       objSmsTool = New ASMSCTRLLib.SMSCClass()
       objSmsTool.PortID = 3
       objSmsTool.MessageText = "Hello, this is a test message"
       objSmsTool.Recipient = "0624896641"
       objSmsTool.ProviderDialString = "0,0653141414" ' The SMSC provider
       Console.WriteLine("Sending message...")
       objSmsTool.SendMessage(True)' TRUE means: through service provider
       If objSmsTool.LastError = 0 Then
       ' YES, connection established.
       Console.WriteLine("Message successfully delivered")
       Console.WriteLine("Message delivery failed, error: " + objSmsTool.LastError)
       End If
       End Sub
       End Module

    the application and the DLL file are attached

    Please help me???
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    Mar 2006

    please help as soon as you can!!

    Please Experts......Help

    it is urgent!!

    I'm waiting for your answers!!!!

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    May 2006
    This is just a general idea, since i haven't had a chance to try the dll and app yet.

    1. What version of .NET / Visual Studio are you using?

    2. If you're putting the code in a button, make the following changes to your code:

    Imports ASMSCTRLLib

    ^^^ Move this ^^^ to the top of your source file with any other Imports statements.

    Module Module1
    Sub Main()

    ^^^ Remove these lines ^^^

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