Hello all,
I have one problem regarding Image uploading. Problem is that we are using a custom editor to generate News-Letters dynamically. These news-letters can be designed at run time by giving some text and images to it. The complete format set for a news-letter is nothing but a perfect HTML format.
We are using HTML 'File Field' control to select the images for insertion, which is respectively generating the HTML code as <img src="anyfilename"...>.
The problem is, suppose we have added image1.gif, image2.gif and image3.gif using the same 'file field' control. This has generated HTML code as
<img src="image1.gif"...> ...
<img src="image2.gif"...> ...
<img src="image3.gif"...> ...
now we have to upload all the images mentioned in this news-letter to web server. As we are having the Image path in normal string format but not as 'PostedFile.FileName' property of 'file field' control. Therefore we canNOT use 'PostedFile.SaveAs' method of 'file field' control to upload the images.

Is there anyother way to solve this.
Please Help.

Thanks Hazara