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Thread: Streaming Video recording (video capture) to mpge4 file (digital video recorder)

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    Oct 2005

    Streaming Video recording (video capture) to mpge4 file (digital video recorder)

    Hi guys!!

    I'm working with a 2005.

    I have to make an application with DirectShow (directX sdk 9c) that must "read" raw video streaming coming from a cam connected to a video capture card (at this moment I use Pinnacle PCTV 50i) and save it to one or more video files using codec mpeg4 (while letting the user to preview images on screen).

    With few words: a digital video recorder that records video streaming of a cam connected to a video capture device (files must be mpeg4 coded).

    I know that with directshow this task should be simple (moreover in this way I could work at "low level" without being bound to capture device features).
    I tried to read MSDN but I found it a little confused and examples are given only for C# (I found no complete example with Visaul Basic .net 2005)

    Can you show me a good full example (or tutorial) for VB .net 2005 or some free project (with source code) freely available that makes something similar to what I've described above?

    Thank you vey much in advance!!

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    Red face re: video recorder

    see here :

    a good video recorder for you!

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    Aug 2006


    Hi All

    I am Very new to J2ME.. i need yur help.. and i am doing a project..which is Video Streaming in mobiles..

    basically we have an application server and media server..

    from a mobile request goes to Application server.. from the application server request goes to Media server to get the Appropriate codec depends upon the receiver.. and then application server sends this stream to other mobile..

    I know its kinda vague.. please appolsise me if any thing wrong and please advise me how to do this..
    Advance Thanks


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