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Thread: Get cell value on click of link button

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    May 2006

    Get cell value on click of link button

    int count1;

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    SqlConnection Conn;
    Conn = new SqlConnection("Data Source=AB2\\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=Tiger;Integrated Security=True");


    SqlCommand salCmd = new SqlCommand("select count(V.Vendor_name),V.Vendor_code,V.vendor_name,V.contact_name1,V.contact_mobile1 from vendor V INNER join stock S on S.vendor_code = V.Vendor_code group by V.vendor_name,V.Vendor_code,V.contact_name1,V.contact_mobile1", Conn);
    SqlDataReader dr = salCmd.ExecuteReader();

    while (dr.Read())
    count1 = (int)dr[0];

    string code = dr[1].ToString();
    string name = dr[2].ToString();
    string name1 = dr[3].ToString();
    string mobile1 = dr[4].ToString();

    SqlConnection conDataGrid = new SqlConnection("Data Source=AB2\\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=Tiger;Integrated Security=True");
    SqlDataAdapter adapterDataGrid = new SqlDataAdapter("select prod_id,prod_name,quantity,inprice from stock where vendor_code ='" + code + "'", conDataGrid);
    DataSet ds = new DataSet();

    DataGrid dg = new DataGrid();
    dg.Width = 600;
    dg.GridLines = GridLines.Both;
    dg.CellPadding = 1;
    dg.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Black;
    dg.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Beige;
    dg.AlternatingItemStyle.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Gainsboro;
    dg.HeaderStyle.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Brown;
    dg.DataSource = ds;
    dg.AutoGenerateColumns = true;

    BoundColumn datagridcol = new BoundColumn();
    datagridcol.HeaderText = "ID";
    datagridcol.Visible = true ;
    datagridcol.DataField = "prod_id";

    ButtonColumn selectcol = new ButtonColumn();
    selectcol.ButtonType = ButtonColumnType.LinkButton;
    selectcol.Text = "ChangeVendor";
    selectcol.CommandName = "Select";


    Label lb = new Label();
    lb.Visible = true;
    lb.Font.Bold = true;
    string valls = name + " " + " " + name1 + " " + " " + mobile1;

    PlaceHolder1.Controls.Add (dg);


    protected void dg_ItemCommand(object source, DataGridCommandEventArgs e)

    string productid;
    TableCell pid = e.Item.Cells[0];
    productid = pid.Text;


    Above is the code I have used for the dynamic bound column. Now I have created Bound columns for the Link button and prodid.
    But when I click the ChangeVendor (Link Button) I have to get the prodid of that cell .
    I tried with the Item command but I not able to fetch any value.
    Please tell me how I have to fetch the value.
    The same way I use to do for the control Datagrid , it worked fine .
    Tell me immediately please

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    Jun 2006
    ItemCommand event will be raised when there is any Button in the Datagrid is clicked. So, Make it as an HyperLink Column and Pass ur value in the queyString to the target page.


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