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Thread: cannot create new project in 2003

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    Mar 2006

    Unhappy cannot create new project in 2003

    Recently, I began having these problems using 2003. When I create a new project (no matter it's vb/c# or win/web), no solution/project is created. Solution explorer is empty.

    I also try opening an existing project, it opens. But, I cannot add new form/item into the project.

    I've reinstalled and run aspnet_iis.exe. No help.

    I run filemon when creating new project. Somewhere along the filemon log, I found:
    Process: devenv.exe
    Request Query Information
    Path: C:\program Files\Microsoft VIsual Studio .Net 2003\Common7\IDE\http:\\WebApplication100\WebApplication100.dsw
    Result: Name Invalid

    The same error repeats for *.etp, *.csproj, *.vbp, *.vbproj, *.vbdproj, *.actproj, *.act, etc.

    Does anyone what could went wrong and how to fix it?


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    May 2006
    It looks like a registry key entry is invalid providing VS with a wrong location to the file that is needed to make new projects, etc. But not being an expert on the internal workings of VS itself I cannot be sure nor offer a solution.

    Post a message in a Microsoft forum or contact Microsoft tech support direct (info is available on is your best option.

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