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Thread: Ajax enabled DataGrid - Chat Application Example (ASP.NET)

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    Ajax enabled DataGrid - Chat Application Example (ASP.NET)

    Hi guys,

    I just want to let you know that I just created a new tutorial that walks you through the steps of creating an ASP.NET Chat application using AJAX. It doesn't just show you how to use AJAX in a chat app but also how to make an ASP.NET control AJAX-enabled. In this example, I make a DataGrid turn into a DataGrid AJAX enabled.
    To launch the tutorial, go to, click on the "Tutorial Index" link, click on the AJAX node in the tree and click on the "Select" button next to the tutorial called "Ajax enabled DataGrid - Chat Application Example".
    Keep in mind that this site is a search engine, so another way to find the tutorial (or even other tutorials) is by searching for it.

    I hope you guys like it

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    Ajax enabled DataGrid - Chat Application Example

    There is also a tutorial walking through the process of creating two drop down list where the second one is populated based on the picked value of the first one using AJAX:

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    Hi guys!

    I created a control that works like an AJAX container. Basically the way it works is that all the ASP.NET controls that you place inside of the AJAX container will automatically become AJAX enabled.

    For example, at the same website where I uploaded the control assembly, I also posted a tutorial that walks you through the steps to create an AJAX chat application. You will see that you can code the ASP.NET controls exactly the same way you do in other regular projects. The controls are placed inside of the AJAX container which turns them into AJAX enabled. This AJAX container also has a property called ShouldRefresh. When set to true, it will update the contents of all the ASP.NET controls inside of the container.

    I uploaded this control and posted some walkthrough tutorials at

    Check it out!

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    Can you please send me the same content in the form of file? I can readily download it.
    My email ID is


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