Hey guys, hope one of you can help me.

I have the following (Prototype) code that works with Firefox but not within IE.
The basic premise is that when using a POST to send to my page, IE
doesn't seem to send it and therefore doesn't fire the database update.
GET's work fine in IE but due to the potential volume of text, a GET
is not realistic.

In Firefox, GETs and POSTs work as expected. Here is my code.

function sendData (frm) {
var url = '/includes/ajax/test.asp';
var pars = Form.serialize(frm);
pars = pars + '&time=' + new Date().getTime();
var myAjax = new Ajax.Request( url, {method: 'post', parameters: pars, onLoading: '', onComplete: showResponse} );

function showResponse (originalRequest) {
var newData = originalRequest.responseText;
$('responseholder').innerHTML = newData;
The form is as follows:

<input type="hidden" name="id" value="1">
<input type="hidden" name="action" value="create">
<label for="pmpcomment">Comment *</label>
<textarea name="comment" id="pmpcomment" cols="60" rows="3"></textarea>
<button type="button" onClick="sendData(this.form)" class="doAction">Add Comment</button>
Looping through Request.Form in the asp page shows all the name/value
pairs when using Firefox. With IE, nothing is displayed (in fact
Request.Form has a length of 0 in IE).

Please can anyone help? I'm new to Prototype/AJAX and thus
am tearing my hair out!

Cheers in advance,
- S