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Thread: stuck with java excersise

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    stuck with java excersise

    hi, i wonder if anyone could please help me with a problem im having with my java excersise. its for a card game. the game is played by shuffling cards and placing them face down in a 4 by 4 patern. the game is complete when all the cards are face up.
    iv already created the card class, which contains the atributes for the images on both sides of the card, the value of the card. the main operation of this being flip () which turns the card over visually. this class is derived from the JComponent.
    the pack class having the main operations shuffle() and dealCard().
    the game class is derived from JFrame.
    iv created some of the code for the cardHander class but iv become so lost.
    the logic is:
    state =0:
    Flip card clicked
    Disable card reclicking
    move to state 1
    Flip card clicked
    Disable card reclicking
    move to state 2
    IF this was the final card to be turned over THEN
    set cardsremaining to zero
    IF last two cards turned over are the same THEN
    reduce cardsremaining by 2
    turn both cards face down again
    re-enable both cards for clicking
    Flip card clicked
    Disable card reclicking
    Move state to 1
    reduce score by 1
    change displayed score
    no cards left
    set state to 3
    score = 0:
    set state = 4
    state = 3:
    IF this is a new high score THEN
    get players name
    add details to top ten list
    save the top ten to a file
    display top ten scores
    state = 4:
    quit game

    i know its a bit much, but all i need left to do with my excersise is to translate this logic into java code. if anyone could help me or provide me with a link to similar examples for a card game, id very much appreciate it.
    thank you.

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    but all i need left to do with my excersise is to translate this logic into java code
    that's the objective of your excersise .. I don't have any relevant links, but if you want assistance in this forum, you should supply some initial code effort at least.
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    eschew obfuscation

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