I have created an array and store 3 functions in it. Eg.

this.validateCols = new Array();

this.validateCols[this.COST] = function(obj, index)
return 0;

this.validateCols[this.LOCKED] = function(obj, index)
return 0;

this.validateCols[this.COMPLETION] = function(obj, index)
return 0;

Calling validateCols[0](0, 0) works in IE, but in Firefox I get:

validateCols[0] is not a function

Is this the correct way to define functions in an array? Or is there a better way?
Or is this not supported at all in Firefox?

Also .swapNode() is not in Firefox? Any alternatives?

I implemented drag 'n' drop and it works in IE but not in Firefox.

Each droppable HTML TD element has:

ondragenter="this.parentNode.style.backgroundColor = 'gray'; window.event.returnValue = false;"
ondragover="window.event.returnValue = false;"
ondragleave="this.parentNode.style.backgroundColor = 'white'; window.event.returnValue = false;"

Each draggable URL element has attributes:

ondragstart='window.event.dataTransfer.setData("text", "data");'

But this doesn't work in Firefox. Anyone got any ideas?