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Thread: QUERY: IE vs Firefox

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    Mar 2006

    QUERY: IE vs Firefox

    I have created an array and store 3 functions in it. Eg.

    this.validateCols = new Array();

    this.validateCols[this.COST] = function(obj, index)
    return 0;

    this.validateCols[this.LOCKED] = function(obj, index)
    return 0;

    this.validateCols[this.COMPLETION] = function(obj, index)
    return 0;

    Calling validateCols[0](0, 0) works in IE, but in Firefox I get:

    validateCols[0] is not a function

    Is this the correct way to define functions in an array? Or is there a better way?
    Or is this not supported at all in Firefox?

    Also .swapNode() is not in Firefox? Any alternatives?

    I implemented drag 'n' drop and it works in IE but not in Firefox.

    Each droppable HTML TD element has:

    ondragenter=" = 'gray'; window.event.returnValue = false;"
    ondragover="window.event.returnValue = false;"
    ondragleave=" = 'white'; window.event.returnValue = false;"

    Each draggable URL element has attributes:

    ondragstart='window.event.dataTransfer.setData("text", "data");'

    But this doesn't work in Firefox. Anyone got any ideas?

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    Mar 2006
    I have read that there's a onDragDrop event in the standards W3C. However it only gives as much information as who the sender was. What I would like is to set up some data hence the usefulness of IE's dataTransfer object.

    Am not sure whether it's possible to set up a 'text' type data (eg. "1234|Some code|Some type") during the drag, and then drop it onto a table row... in Firefox. I've googled and still no luck finding an alternative to IE's dataTransfer object.

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    I am quite disappointed in the drag 'n' drop support in Mozilla Firefox. What am trying to achieve is dragging an element from one IFRAME/FRAME into another IFRAME/FRAME. But upon dropping the element, I do not want the target IFRAME/FRAME to open/load it. I want it simply to handle the event, such as parsing the element/data dropped. Such uses as dropping an element into a table inbetween rows 2 & 3.

    I have studied Netscapes way of ondragdrop events. However this only handles dropping external files, into the browser window, and the browser window will open/load the file. This is not what I want.

    The only closest IE/FF drag'n'drop thing I found was however their dragging doesn't go across IFRAME/FRAMEs.

    Is there any way Firefox will implement similar drag'n'drop events as IE's:

    ondragenter, ondragleave, ondragover, ondrop? that works across IFRAME/FRAMEs?
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