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Thread: static HashMap is created many times

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    static HashMap is created many times

    we are developing robots with friends for robocode, a game in which robots fights that you write in java, probably you know it.

    we want to keep information of robots in a HashMap. when our robots detect an enemy robot they will add that enemy as an object to the hashmap.
    each of the robots are a thread =>that means multiple threads will add objects to the same hashmap. so hashmap will be static and the method will be synchronized. we did like this. our problem is about the static part. there have to be one hashmap and every thread(robot) must use it but each thread(robot) use a different hashmap.

    how will we be able to use one unique hashmap for all threads.

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    private static Map myMap = java.util.Collections.synchronizedMap(new HashMap());

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    You should create an extended hashmap,see here Hot Java Directory

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