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Thread: Plz Urgent!! Its really essential

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    May 2006

    Plz Urgent!! Its really essential

    Hello there

    Guys i need ur immediate support or else im done!!!! Please i know u might not agree with me on it but plz ill be really grateful for who steps up with me for it.. I beg of u guyz ur ma only hope... Its due by 2moro i assume or as soon as possible. So plz bear with me here

    Its a project that i must send ASAP and im really lost in it..It should be easy for u guyz cuz it doesnt take more than 1 hr if u were really professionals..

    So plz if u dont mind give me a hand and u will be much appreciated...

    You will find it attached..Ofcourse Using

    Thanx and hope to hear from u...
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    Jun 2005
    We dont solve assignments here. good for you.

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    Dec 2005
    South of Nowhere, Maine
    If you post a specific area you have troubles with, we will be happy to help.

    But this isn't the place to get homework done for you.

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