Dear Forum users,
would someone please give me ideas on a couple of questions below?
Thanks very much!

Question 1:
I am working with VB6 and Crystal Report v 8.5, and am very new with Crystal Report. I usually draw the data for Crystal Report from database fields. However, there is one field that I need to put into the Crystal Report which requires a reasonably complex data manipulation. I canít see how I can do it in Crystal Report but it will be quite easy for me in VB6 and I can keep it in a single dimension array, each value correspond with each record in the database that is use for Crystal Report. However, the problem is, how can I put the data from this array (which is generate in the main program in VB6 during run time) into the Crystal Report and becomes one of its fields? Any suggestion, guys?

Question 2:
Is there anyway to take out the total column (the most right column) from the Cross-tab report type in Crystal Report?