Hi all,

I'm developing an application that allows the user to test a SSH connection. To perform the test, I'm using AJAX to send the request to the server with address, user and password.
What I want to do is to get progress indications to the user while the server makes the necessary test to the connection. I was hoping to get messages to the user like: "Connecting", "Verifying login information", etc.

In my approach, I'm flushing these messages in the server side script (PHP), and wanted to parse them within the "onreadystatechange" function while the "readyState == 3" (loading mode).

The problem is that in IE the "responseText" is empty in this stage but it works fine in Mozilla. As for the "responseXML" property, works in IE but I get a XML parsing error in Mozzila (because the document tag is not yet closed).

Does anyone have any suggestion regarding this or any other approach in order to achieve the same output?

Thank you very much in advance,