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Thread: Web Form Validation with VB6

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    Jul 2006

    Question Web Form Validation with VB6

    Guys and gals, I am a newbie here, so please be patient with me
    I am trying to create a program that will submit a username and password through the web browser control so we can go to the next page to do some uploading on a website. I am not sure how to tackle this. Can anyone shed any light on this one? I would surely appreciate it.


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    This would depend upon the type of security being implemented for the web application. In some instances it's not possible, such as when using Integrated Windows or Basic authentication.
    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

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    Jul 2006
    Just basic username/password and then the upload file. I figured out how to use a webbrowser control to insert the username and password and how to click submit with the control, now if I can figure out how to fill the input browse box with the filename to upload I should have it. Not sure how to do this. Any ideas?


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