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Thread: Excel Macro for selecting and plotting graphs

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    Jul 2006

    Excel Macro for selecting and plotting graphs

    Hi there, I'm not particularly familiar with macros in XL although I have done some work in VB before. I am wanting to create a simple interface for a user with minimal fuss. I have 3 columns of data - X, Y and a unique ID. There are more than one set of X,Y coordinates for each ID and at least 20 different IDs. I would like to have a form appear when excel opens which displays in a box each id and the user can then select one or more which can then be displayed in a single graph for visual comparison.
    I would be very very grateful for anyone who can take a little time to help me out.

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    The best place to start for VBA (visual basic for applications) - is to record macros and edit them to extract the code you require.

    For example, put some data onto a sheet and hit record macro.

    Do the functions you'd like your application to perform, then stop the macro and examine the code.

    You can then cut & paste, and manipulate as necessary.

    It works for me anyway

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    Jul 2006
    Thanks - although the problem is that there could be a combination of 100+ different graphs to be plotted. Can anyone tell me how to select the ID of items selected in a list box ....

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