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Thread: Why does this not compile?

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    Apr 2006

    Why does this not compile?

    Can some please help me find out why this does not compile, please

    public abstract class buyer{
    //instance variables
    private String buyerName;
    private String buyerAddress;
    private Integer perviousPurchases;
    public Buyer (String input Name, String input Address, integer input previous purchases)
    buyerName = inputName;
    buyerAddress = inputaddress;
    perviousPurchases = input previouspurchases;
    //The next 3 methods are ACCESSOR methods
    public String getName(){
    return buyerName;
    public String getAddress(){
    return buyerAddress;
    public double get previouspurchases (){
    return perviousPurchases;
    //The next 3 methods are SETTING methods
    public void setName(String newName){
    buyerName = newName;
    public void setAddress (String newAddress){
    buyerAddress = newAddress;
    public void set perviousPurchases (integer new perviousPurchases){
    perviousPurchases = new perviousPurchases;
    //other methods
    public double calculateDiscount(int carsToBePurchased)
    // will be used to calculate discount

    public Boolean equals( input test)
    if = input name; &
    if this.address = input address;
    result= true;
    return result

    public void showDetails(){
    System.out.println("buyer Name is : " + this.getbuyerName() );
    System.out.println("buyer address is : " + this.getbuyeraddress() );

    }//End of class definition

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    Apr 2006
    How java can compile your program when a program
    still has a lot of syntax error EX:
    String input Name, String input Address, integer input previous purchases

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