Hi All,

I have an applet that runs a report of around 100 pages. Infact, Well, I provide the applet for another application that generates the report! Note that its the aplication that is providing the report and is not by the applet, however the report can be seen on the applet window! The application pushes the report on to the screen and I'll have to provide a functionality to capture everything that is shown on the screen! The report is pumped on the screen rapidly in less than 2 minutes. I want to capture the whole screen data and then save it as a text file! With the word "data" I mean just the data on the screen and not any of the menus or toolbars! The application does not push it to the file due to some security reasons. And, I totally understand that a snapshot pertains to one particular instance of the screen and not more than one screen. However, I'm interested in capturing the whole data. As the report is generated continously, we can capture one screen at a time, keep it to a buffer, and keep adding to buffer, without missing or repeating the data, and finally have the entire report in the buffer and then save it to a file! Though I have an conceptual idea, I'm sure as to how to implement it...I use jdk1.42! Once I get the report in the text format, saving it wil be of no problem, however I need suggestions as to how to go about this! Any code samples is appreciated! Mail me at kamal248@gmail.com, if you have any suggestions and the one which completely resolves my issue will be rewarded!
And.. Mailing me was just an option, I will always look up the forum for any answers..