Dear Access Gurus,

I dont intend to take up much of your time.

Here is the problem, I have a variable eg. 'clothes' in my database which is not fixed in number. I need to merge this into a word document. The problem is that the 'clothes' column can be anywhere from say 5 to 500! Highly varied. And I cant have 500 different word templates. I need a way of dynamically creating a matching document with the same (or approximate) number of 'clothes' bookmarks in Word as the number I have in Access (which can vary). So, for example, If I have 4 clothes in one case, the word document will be produced with 4 clothes bookmarks. If I have 18 in another, the bookmark will be populated 18 times (in successive paragraphs).

Here is an example of what I want to achieve with say 3 'clothes'

This is shirt (i.e. clothe1)

This is skirt (i.e. clothe2)

This is jeans (i.e. clothe3)

To be honest, being relatively inexperienced compared to other users on this forum, I really do not know how to approach the problem. I know how to merge when I know the exact number but not when it can vary. How would you guys approach this PLEASE? I suspect I need a Loop somewhere but im not sure how to structure the coding.

Thank you very much :-)

I am desperate for help!

If my posting is not clear enough, I will be happy to clarify.